About me

Hello everybody!

I have always been struggling with describing myself. Whether in school, while travelling, in university or at a new workplace… You meet so many people during your life and you remember so little about most. So, how can I make it short and informative?
I am Lisa from Germany (well.. half from Corea), and I am currently living in Barcelona with my boyfriend. Last year, I have finished my Master in Human Geography with a focus on migration and globalization and have spent the last year learning Spanish and a bit of Catalan, working, traveling, volunteering and trying to find out what I want to do with my life. I guess that was one of the reasons why I started this blog. Don’t get me wrong, I am super happy with my major and I am very sure that I want to stay in this field, but I also got more interested in nutrition and healthy living. I guess my friends will find it a bit hypocretic that I am talking about this topic. Even though, I am following a vegetarian diet since I am more or less 9 years old, I have always been struggeling with following a healthy lifestyle. I was one of these famous “Pudding Vegetarian” (Don’t know if this is actually a word??) who just eat cheese, snacks, sweets and all this kind of crap. Yes, I am a bit exaggerating, but it was sure not a balanced diet.. However, this has changed over the last year. Well, I still love eating sweets and snacks, but my attitude towards food has totally changed. Next to working full-time, I have started a distance learning programme for becoming a Heilpraktikerin and dietitian and I am super content with it. It motivates me being conscious about how food can change our health and how important it is to treat our body well with good, nutritious and self made food.