Green Pesto


On Sundays we often go to my boyfriend’s parents places for lunch. It doesn’t matter if we visit his mum’s or his dad’s place, the food is always super delicious and they always adapt it to my ‘special’ food habits. This time I decided to bring a little detail in exchange for the fantastatic food I always get. In January, I have been visiting Milano and Genoa with a good friend of mine and we have spent some super nice days there. Milano was really nice and we had fun visiting the city, but GENOA… Mamma Mia! I fell in love immediately after we had arrived. I cannot even explain why, but this city is so cozy, beautiful and full of charme that I would recommend everyone to go there. And the best thing was the food!! They have a bread called Farinata that is out of chickpeas flour, which everyone should try at least once (or 15 times) in his/her life. And also… guess where the Pesto Genovese is from… So, yeah… Since this trip the thought of making once again a vegan Pesto has been stucked in my mind. On Sunday, I finally had time to make one and even bring it to the lunch. I used pine nuts, peanuts, spinach and basil which is one of my favourite combinations, but walnuts, almonds, cashews, macadamia, parsley, rocket salad or even an avocado work as well.

  • two handful spinach
  • two handful basil
  • 1/2 cup olive oil
  • one handful peanuts
  • one handful pine nuts
  • a pinch of salt

*the good thing is that you can adapt it regarding to your taste. If you don’t like basil use parsley.. If you don’t like peanuts use cashews..


Actually, preparing this dish couldn’t be easier. Put everything in a bowl, blend it and its done. Add some extra oil or water if you like the texture more smooth.


I mean… How could you not fall in love with this city?




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