Pa amb oli i xocolata (or vegan chocolate spread)

I really love Saturdays (who doesn’t?). It’s the day where I have time to do all the things I was to busy to do during the week. Our ‘normal’ Saturday routine starts with sleeping in. A LOT. Until 12 if possible. After eating bre…ehh..unch we usually start the day by making a grocery list and plan what to cook for the upcoming week. Then we actually do our groceries and after that we normally clean a bit, cook something aaaand then we do whatever the evening brings to us. Yesterday I started thinking that I would like to eat pa amb oli i xocolata. Pa…what? In Catalunya it is quite typical to eat chocolate spread, mousse or pieces on bread with a bit of olive oil and seasalt. HUH? It sounds crazy, right? I used to think the same and always told my boyfriend that he is crazy to like it and that his taste buds are weird. Anyway, one time I convinced myself to finally give it a try. And guess what? It tasted fantastic. It was a really cool combination of a sweet and savoury taste that I kinda fell in love with this dessert. So, I always wanted to make this dish myself . There was just one problem… We don’t really have the best food processor (I mean it is really good, but nut butter is not its strength), so all previous tries to make a chocolade spread turned out rather crunchy than creamy. However, I came up with the idea to soak roasted hazelnuts overnight to make the blendig easier and it turned out pretty well! We ate it today for lunch. Actually it is rather suitable as a breakfast or dessert, but I insist that it can also work as lunch. Well.. at least for me! Keep in mind that the better your olive oil is the better it will also taste in the end. The stepdad of my boyfriend makes his own olive oil and it is honestly the best one I have ever eaten, but any other high quality olive oil will work perfectly as well!

So, please! Everyone who wants to try this dish, here you go:


For the chocolate spread:

  • 150g hazelnuts (roasted, and soaked overnight)
  • 2 tsp coconut oil
  • 1 tsp olive oil
  • 40 g dark chocolate
  • 4 tsp water (you could also use more coconut oil)
  • 6 tsp agave syrup (you could use more or less depending on your personal sweet tooth)

To serve with:

  • bread (here you find it normally with baguette or ciabatta, but I also really like it on wholegrain or rye bread)
  • olive oil
  • sea salt

Start the day before by roasting the hazelnuts (if not already bought roasted) and soak them afterwards over night. The next day, start by melting the coconut oil and the dark chocolade until they are liquid. Then pour away the leftover water from the hazelnuts and put them into a food processor (I prepared it with a hand blender, but if you have a good food processor, rather use that) with the coconut oil, olive oil, the dark chocolate and the agave syrup and blend it until you have a smooth paste. Depending on your taste you can add some water to make it more creamy. Serve it on a bread and sprinkle some olive oil and sea salt on top.



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