Semolina “Porridge”

This week my boyfriend and I challenged ourselves to eat vegan every day. Most of the time I eat vegan anyway, but for my boyfriend it is a big step. Before he met me, he was eating meat almost every day, but since we live together our groceries have changed towards a vegetarian diet. However, this week we decided to go even further.

Eating vegan lunch and dinner is easy, but finding a vegan breakfast alternative for him is much more difficult. Today, I decided to cook something I got inspired with while I was in Nepal. I was helping in a project which gives a place to children from low-income families to play and study. It was a really good experience for me and I learned a lot during my stay there. One of the best parts of working with this NGO were the daily vegetarian lunches. In Nepal, hinduism is the main religion, which lead to many people following a vegetarian diet. Therefore, it is not uncommon that at a working place every meal is vegetarian which is amazing. Even more amazing was that I was always allowed to join preparing the lunches since I told them that I would love to learn their way of cooking. One day, the cook (and at the same time “maid”, cleaning lady and multitalented power woman) was preparing a semolina porridge (I am not really sure if the word porridge fits, since the texture is not very creamy and soft, but rather firm) which was served with potatoes and pumpkin leaves in a tomatosauce. This was very weird for me as I am used to eat semolina porridge as a dessert. Nevertheless, I loved the combination of veggies, something sweet and tomato. I was especially hooked by the way she prepared the porridge. Instead of cooking it with milk, she fried the semolina and later added sugar and water.


I adapted the recipe a bit. I substituted vegetable oil with coconut oil and sugar with honey. Moreover, instead of a tomato sauce I added fruits.

  • 1 cup semolina porrdige
  • 3 cups water (but adapt it depending on how you like the texture)
  • 1 tsp coconut oil
  • 2 tsp honey
  • fruits (I used strawberries, pomegranate and a banana)



Start frying the semolina in the coconut oil until getting a light brown color. Then add the water and honey and stir it for a minute until all the water got absorbed. Here you could adapt it regarding your taste. I like it when the texture is a bit more firm, but you could also add more water, so it will be more porridge-like. When it cooled a bit down, put it in a bowl and add the fruits. You could also add linseeds, chia seeds, nuts or more seeds. We ate it as a breakfast, but also works as perfectly as a dessert.

That is how it looked in Nepal:


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